Photos From the Weekend

I suppose these days you will have a better chance to find me in a restaurant than at the gym. This week-end, I met up with old friends at s&m in Spitafields market. If you want comfort food and a blast from the past, you could do worse than this small fronted restaurant in the heart of what has become a very trendy area, hint hint : you will need to book, though it seat 100, it fills up very quickly
The food was OK and no I did not give this picture the photoshop treatment, yes the glossy aspect comes straight from a cornflour overdose. I was not allowed, by my conscience, to order 3 kinds of mash topped with chips, so I went for the very conventional veggie bangers and cheddar mash, good.
On the way back, as I sat in the tube for hours, I was entertained by an unexpected companion:


Electra Maven said...

Hi, How are you? I came across your Blog and I really enjoyed reading it! I found it very interesting! I'm a new blogger so I'd like to invite you to have a look at my blog and feel welcome to give me any kind of feedback and comments on my posts! :) I would really appreciate it! I wish you all the best and thanks for sharing!Kind Regards ;)

Electra Maven said...

Thanks for reminding me ;) I usually use justify but completely forgot in the last post hahaha! Thank you very much ;) Hope we can keep in touch ;)

Jeanne said...

I do like the S&M Cafes - can't be beat for comfort food but yes, a little more attention could be paid to the gravy!



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