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Pebble soup is rather excited and waiting with anticipation for the results of an application. You too, could be feel the tingles.
Let me explain: the country’s largest agricultural show, the Royal Bath and West Show 2010 is looking for a food taster.
What better job to have for a day, I ask you but to sample local products from beef to strawberries.
For the first time ever, a member of the public will join the panel of expert. Every application is vetted, a skilled panel of recruiters will put a shortlist of applicants through their paces. As well as having to take a series of product ‘taste tests’, their knowledge of issues relating to local and seasonal produce.
To apply for the job visit the Royal Bath and West show 2010 site: and good luck to us.

I have been in a swirl lately and a friend mentioned the imminent Easter school holidays, "what so soon!", apparently so, but she has found a good trick, it is a discount vouchers site, sounds good to me so I am passing it on. Have a look here

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