Give Away: Ticket to the Royal Bath & West Show

Pebble Soup did not make it to the final five in the "glutton" competition so will not be a judge at the Royal Bath & West Show. However the organisers took the time to send a thank you complementary ticket which is really nice of them. As I will not be able to make it, having arranged for friends to come and stay in Greenwich from yes you have guested it ....Bath or there about.
I would like one of you to use the opportunity.
Give aways have always been on Pebble Soup "will do" list, so take this one as a trial run, hopefully the first of many. All you have to do is to leave a comment & tell me what is your favorite cheese, the winner will be picked by the e-random- thingy and announced on the 22nd May and if you wish do join the list of followers which you will find on the left.

The show will take place in Shepton Mallet in Sommerset from the 2-5 June 2010, The ticket admits one adult plus 3 children.

Show highlights include
The country' biggest cheese show
The biggest cider competition
A Bee & Honey Tent
Vast food halls

So good luck, don't forget to leave your comment, I will be in touch with the winner. And do not hesitate to pass tweet this.

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