Variation on Pineapple Desserts

I photographed this pineapple tart in an Asian restaurant a while ago and though, at the time, I was too full to try it out. It stuck in my mind, as a recipe I would have liked to bake and share.

A few months after "the curious encounter with the elusive pineapple-tart", still thinking that I should have made room for a spoon of it. I got talking to May - as in Slow Food Kitchen - about her Malaysian Pineapple tarts which are cooked on the Asian peninsula for occasions. There again I wished I could have had a taste but, hers were entered in a draw so, no way I could steal one...or two.

So unusually for this blog here are recipes which I have never tried out myself but which I am dying to.
Hopefully, I have not forwarded my obsession to you but just in case I have you will get to bake these and I promise to go back to cooking every single recipe on Pebble Soup.

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