Family Friendly Fridays

Welcome to Family Friendly Fridays which I am hosting this month for Ren Behan's Fabulicious Food.

To avoid mealtimes melt downs and to make sure that meals are happy times, Ren came up with the idea of sharing family friendly recipes, this fits perfectly with the Pebble Soup ethos.

The Concept: Family Friendly Fridays doesn't have to be posted on a Friday but recipes should be quick, easy and fun to make. It is all about dishes which are your favorites, about food which is going to bring up a few smiles when put on the table or bought to the people you love. As I am hosting it, elements of quirkiness are welcome but really that is optional. So how does it work? now pay attention,

Here’s are the guidelines:

1. Post your recipe on your blog and
2. Link up to the main Family Friendly Fridays page in your post
3. You can also use the Family Friendly Fridays badge (image + code below)
3. Add a link to your Family Friendly post via the Simply Linked widget below
4. If you are on Twitter you can  “I’ve entered @RenBehan Family Friendly Fridays at Pebble Soup @Solangeweb”.

I am looking forward to be your host and can't wait to see your recipes. The deadline is on the 30th June, I will round them up shortly afterwards


Solange said...

Test -

Emmyw said...

My miniature carrot cakes are now all linked up :D

Fabulicious Food said...

Yay, thank you Solange for hosting. Three already and more to come!

Solange said...

I hope so, it is very exciting to see recipes being linked up :) love it

Aaliyah theukflight said...

Good job!
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