Pebble Soup Has a New Toy

You'll remember how after a month writing this blog I was sooooo happy to be read in 22 countries, I think at the time it was the sheer number of countries which was the thrill. The number has not increased much but the countries have changed, so it is time to go back to the loveliness of the pebble soup idea and for this
I need your recipes, but don't worry there is not much work involved
See the map (would be difficult to avoid) this is our new toy, dot will lit up with readers, though at the moment they don't seem to do so, the idea is to let everybody know what people like to cook around the world. Either via comment or e-mail, I will wait for your contribution, you tell me which recipe is popular with you/your area/your country, a link to that recipe would be great, I shop for the ingredients. cook it, take pictures, some get to eat it, and I will report back. It could be a taste of your next holidays, I am not sure what is eaten in..., well in lots of places, take Canada for example. Let's play, I'll be cooking your contributions.


Frank said...

Very cool. Hope to see my CFS recipe soon-it's yummy!

Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup said...

Thank you Frank, indeed it looks yummy, I can't wait to try it. I have vegetarian friends staying over the week-end, might not be the right time ....but look out for it on Thursday a week.



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