Curious Ingredients- Preserved Lemon 2- & Artichoke bottoms

Now that I had found preserved lemons, a whole jar of them, and so far used just a couple, I needed new recipes. Whom better to turn to than Claudia Roden. Claudia is THE Middle-Eastern food specialist and has been so for 30 years, so I could not go wrong. With spring being more like autumn, a warm salad was in order. The other curious ingredient which lurked in my kitchen was a can of Artichoke bottoms that I inherited.
Last month, Sue, from across the garden, moved to Toronto, her generous legacy means that a lot of new ingredients are now wandering in my kitchen. They come out of the cupboards are pondered over and go back in. The recipe for "Artichoke and broad bean salad with preserved lemons" can be found on Great, it was going to take care my "curiousest ingredients" + It also contained my "favorite", well,one of them: broad beans. It is very tasty, perfect for a rainy spring day.

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