Chicken, Mango and Helicopter

It is very good to be seating back, nattering away, I have been a bit tied up with deadlines lately. I got my first "properly" paid commission, it IS fantastic to be paid for writing, long may it continue. In the meantime what is the connection between

a chicken and a mango.

None is the answer,

except that somehow they all entered my life on the same day and what a day. He offered me an helicopter ride, Bestest present. Helicopters fly very low, it is a little scary to start with, but so much fun and from a view point, it is amazing, all the familiar landmarks as never seen before,

I even saw home:

With all the excitement, planning what to cook had gone out of the window; so when my head landed which was long after my body had done so, I was contemplating some chicken and a mango.

I asked Google for help, and help I got. There are over 80 pages of recipes. I plonked for the very first Chicken/Mango recipe with great results. Unfortunately my brain was still floating in the sky and plates were in the dishwasher when I remembered you, lovely readers, but it was by then far too late for the traditional "photo-plate".

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