Mushrooms Foray

A couple of years back as I was despairing at my lack of knowledge regarding mushrooms, I contacted "Friends of the park", and ask them if they could organise some kind of walk, then you know what....I forgot all about it. So a few month back, when I was grumping again about my lack of fungi appreciation, he reminded me of my request, not only that but apparently, the walks were very popular.
So I had started something which had grown without me, it was about time to check it out. I trotted up the hill and met up with a good size group, off we went and to my amazement the park is full of mushrooms, if you know where to look, even more amazing you are not suppose to pick them up in order to throw them in your frying pan, we were told that anyway it was not worth it and supermarket provided perfectly adequate crops. I was not going to argue as the guide though friendly looked rather fierce and overwhelmed by the strangest of all these mushrooms, I could not really remember which ones were edible and which ones were not....I had already forgotten. I wrote some down to share with you though, here is my virtual crop.

a young fungus and then the same a few days older, would have been nice to have taken correct notes, I thought this was an artist fungus and checked for accuracy but it does not look like it is at all. A guess anyone?

Honey Mushroom, These lives in colony and can spread over 8 kilometers or thereabout making it the largest living organism in the world, can you imagine?

and for my favorite:
Beefsteak mushroom

It remains to give you a recipe but today I will let you roam a site I came by some months back which I really need to share with you because it is a mine of cooking info: The Mushroom Bureau

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