Diary of a Paper Palate Reviewer:

Day 1: A new book to review: “Oh great, Abel & Cole Cookbook:” the people who home-deliver organic produce up and down the land, with their little vans have written a book.
Next step: Open the book. When I say open, I forgot a step: Flip and open the book. I always start reading the last chapter first. Novels too. It never makes sense, not having read the start, but I can’t stand suspense. In this instance, there should not be any suspense since it is a cookbook… but you never know.
My quirkiness pays off since the recipes are ordered seasonally, last chapter: Winter. A few pages in and I am diving into the kitchen. Getting the beetroots out of the cupboard for Roasted Beetroot Penne: simple recipe, easy to make, delicious. Tomorrow I will be reviewing the book.
Day 2: Open the book, determined to start to review. “Oh picture of a pheasant” or rather I think it is a pheasant, it might be a partridge, the recipe overleaf is for pheasant or partridge. Conclusion: this book is not for vegetarian only, I’d better start reading from the beginning. Keith Abel’s style is really fun to read, his approach to cooking is rather cosmic (comic too!), measurements are in glugs, handfuls, splash, little bit of this and that. You can skip ingredients or use substitutions: No onions? Use leeks or shallots. Talking about shallots, there is a unfussy ”Caramelized Shallot Croutons” recipe which is inspiring. I am going to start cooking. Tomorrow I will be reviewing the book for sure.
Day 3: Driven by the book, I visit a farm-shop. It is a turn of phrase, the book was not really heading towards the motorway at the wheel of my car, I was. I am looking at the farm-shop with new eyes, having read the introduction and the ethical guide. I get a few things and I am very surprised that I am not spending much more than at my local supermarket. Now that I have got this huge round butter-squash…. yep! mouth-watering “Pumpkin and Parmesan bread,” really I should invite a few friends. Promise, tomorrow, I review…..
Day 4: You know this book also tells you what you can do with the leftovers! fantastic. Tomorrow…..
Day 5: Deadline, you know the easiest would be if you get “The Abel & Cole Cookbook” for yourself, published by Collins (£12.99). It is rather cute too; the cover looks like a cardboard delivery box. Previously published in hard-back as ”Outside the Box” hard back.

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