Cupcakes, Spring & Sex and the City

When Carrie Bradshaw suggestively, but nevertheless greedily, tucked into a Magnolia Bakery’s pink frosted cupcake, three things happened:

1: The humble cupcake became an object of desire for trendies round the world. There is a cupcake fashion. (2009 is not round but square and top flavour is chocolate) Wedding cakes are made out of cupcakes.

2: Magnolia Bakery in New York shot to the firmament of star- bakeries, people queue around the block to get their cute cupcakes, but are they good? "Not really worth" Katy told me( Katy is my dear agent who is still looking to find work to fit my "unusual but interesting career path")

3: Recipes came out from everywhere, decoratively speaking cooks covered and frosted every occasion, I spotted “farmyard inspired” cupcakes twice in a day, Easter?
My favorite : Lemon-Yogurt Cupcake

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