Fruity Pistachio Bread

I hate when you look at a recipe and it does not work, so I had to give Waitrose's season cook book another go after the Mascarpone tart fiasco and this time it worked their fruity Pistachio bread recipe is DELICIOUS.

The mixture of Cardamon seeds and pistachios tantalise the taste buds, the bread is in fact an quick bread more like a brioche this is a perfect recipe for Easter, read it through though as it takes a bit of organisation, for copyright reasons I won't paste it below but all the same click here to discover it.

It was also a good opportunity to participate to Kiopaste's "bookmarked recipes" round-up and include this cute little logo.

Happy Festivities


BR Guest Host said...

What gorgeous bread! Love the fruit and nuttiness.

Thanks for sending this to bookmarked recipes


Unknown said...

This really looks delicious.

solange said...

Thank you both for your comments, It is a recipe which is worth knowing, fast and tasty, I have done it a couple of times now and when I make it next I will go easy on the cardamon, don't get me wrong these are probably the right proportion but cardamon gives it a surprising kick



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