The Veg Box

So What did I think of the veg box?
Well it arrived early enough for me not to pest. Though I had arranged for it to be deliver with my neighbour if it got to the door when I was out.
The driver and I had a friendly chat. He did not seem to be in a hurry to head to his next stop, though I am sure he was, in view of the traffic and the fact that boxes are quiet popular. But it was nice of him to make the time to explain about the box self which is recyclable, I would have been really disappointed if it had not been.
Now for the content, it is a good idea to eat in season from locally produced sources, nobody will deny that. But you might want bananas and guess what my box included fairtrade bananas and oranges, so no frustration there.
Did I get a surprise, yep Kohlrabi, that is a box only special, I have not seen it very often elsewhere, I made a Kohlrabi and Potato gratin and it was great.
Did I get too much? not enough? I gave some to my neighbour for the bother of not waiting and we had friends around. It is, now, the end of the week and I have not touch the cauliflower yet, potatoes and onions are still partly here but they will keep along with some courgettes.
Was it a success: Globally positive as the politicians say.

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