Kellogg's Baked Muesli: Nature's Pleasure

One of the perk of being an independent voice on the internet is that, from time to time, you get the opportunity to try products out.

Kellogg's are launching a new muesli. A baked muesli. None of the dried stuff that the public seems to dislike. A crispy product which is healthy, but is it?

Nature's Pleasure comes in 4 flavours:
apple & blackcurrant,
raspberry & cherry,
almond, pecan & cashew
almond, pecan, raisin.

And I received one box of each so that I can let you know what I think

I knew the lecture, I went to during the winter: " understanding food label" was going to come good one day, so before I opened one of the recyclable looking cardboard box, I was going to apply a maths formula to the label. I'll spare you the details, the answer is that this muesli has the perfect balance between ingredients 62% carbohydrate, 29% fat and certainly more fibre than recommended and low in salt.

So this new breakfast's cereal is healthy. but what about the taste? Personnally I like crispy cereals.

Apple and black currant has large "bits" of freezed dried apples which keeps them firm and crunchy.

Overall good for you, personally I find it a bit sugary but so do I for most things. It is not a wow but very much at the top of the pile of muesli. Since it is soon exam time and muesli is slow sugar, it might be the perfect time to try it out on your family.

I will be back and let you know about other flavours. Priced at £2.49 for 500g.

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