Lorraines are not the only quiches

"Debbie Nextdoor" came to stay over. Debbie used to live next door, hence her name.
She had been invited to a birthday party. On Sunday she was enumerating all the party food when it crossed my mind that such as a catalogue of food sounded strangely like Waitrose party food.

So I got their free magazine out and so it was. Though one of the clues should have been that when she got there, the house did not smell of cooking.

As I was sifting through the mag. I noticed a lot of various quiches, great, I was going to cook with no recipe but from a picture.

A quiche is a shortcrust pastry, then on the top a mixture of eggs, cream, salt and pepper, plus something else, in the oven for 35 minutes at 200C. Et voila.

Quiche Lorraine contains ham and bacon but why not try something else. What Waitrose offers is the egg mixture and the something else first and then topped up with something more, if you see what I mean. Like in the picture quiche mixture + spinach topped up with ratatouille.
  • Red onion topped up with goat's cheese quiche
  • Asparagus topped up with Cherry tomato quiche
  • Spinach & Chargrilled Vegetable quiche
  • Mushroom & Watercress quiche
  • Wensleydale & Tomato quiche
  • Bacon, Leek & Roqueford quiche
These are only a few ideas and with the summer picnics coming up, I hope this list will be useful.

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