Deptford Creek Honey

We ran out of honey, just when he spotted an article on Deptford Creek Honey.
You have to understand that I am not a great fan of the golden stuff, but I would do anything for an adventure. This promised to be a most interesting quest.

If one had to describe Deptford, I am not sure were one would start. It is located in the South East of London. It is vibrant with arts, multicultural and colourful to the core. It has/had its celebs from Dire straits whose musician lived and started there to Christopher Marlowe, elizabethan writer, who died (murdered) and ended there.
This is where I should mention the incomparable Deptford Babes.

But back to food shopping and honey quest. Deptford has an incredible market and an even more incredible high street. This high street is the only high street in & around London which hasn't got one, not one, chain. Every shop is an independent trader. This is where, I was heading: the Deptford Deli on Tanners Hill.

Nicely greeted, I was explained that their 40 pots of Deptford Creek honey, flew out of the shop within a couple of days. Seeing how devastated I was, they offered me to try it out. Now remember, I don't like honey but this is nectar, this honey is fantastic. The label tells us about a "honey with an international flavour" made by a colony of Apis Mellifera (European Honey Bee) know for ....wait for it....their good temper.

But where could I find some???? I was directed toward the Creekside Center, by the way, this is THE place to go to or contact if you wanted to buy a pot or two.
Finding my way in was tricky, but quests are never simple and often involve many doors.

I knew it was the end of my search when I spotted a box full of the little pots. lined up like amber pearls on a necklace. There, I got to know a bit more about the apiary: Julian is the bee-keeper, he lives on a boat on the creek where one can find a mix of plants from places from around the world. Julian's day job is to repair boats. The collection of beehives is by the Thames near his boat.

Back home, I read a little more about London honey which is in high demand and is a seasonal product, usually available in late summer and autumn, there seems to be a lot of it but never enough to keep up with the demand.
Deptford Creek Honey cost £5.50 for 340g.

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