I would like to start this post, by thanking you for reading Pebble Soup.

Pebble Soup is now read in 27 countries, not bad. If you have a local recipe which you would like to share, I will be more than happy to cook it and write the results up. We tried this before and it was great fun

I was trying out Abel & Cole's Feta Cheese (more about this in a minute) when I suddenly had a "doubt attack". What exactly is feta cheese? Naturally, I would ask a greek reader but sadly, Google tells me that nobody, yes not a soul, UNbelivable, reads Pebble Soup in Greece.

But I found this great website, "fetamania"
Websites don't come like this anymore, down to the "plooouooop, plooouooop" when one hovers over internal links. See, I was after the fat and salt content. With summer every magazine I pick, goes on and on about plumpness, and as a result I fixate on fats and salt.

Now let concentrate on reviewing Abel & Cole Feta. On the 2 occasions I went to Greece, Feta cheese was a great joy, soft, crumbly and fresh in the mouth texture. I have never found a commercial feta which comes close.

Same for Abel and Cole's but at least, theirs is very good, unlike s, me you find in supermarkets. It is not too salty and just crumbly enough to seat nicely on tomato in a salad.

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