Fun Day at the Park: Thai Festival

The Second Thai festival took place this week-end at Greenwich Park, as you can see it was well attended, a melting pot of nationalities enjoying "the best Thailand has to offer"

Of course, I was there mainly for the food. There are 2 things I love about Thai food: number one, the presentation, and on that score I was not disappointed, there was a guy whom I can only describe as a food sculptor mading georgous lolly pops out of colored sugar. He runs courses as well as carves food for parties etc... if you are interested have a look at his website :
Thing number 2, I love is watching people cooking with a wok and a grill, the speed of cooking fascinates me.
So I was really looking forward to the cooking demonstration which should have been led by the Mango Tree Thai Restaurant chef and though she was there, the spark was not. No electricity for the cooking demo tent. Therefore No demo.

I had to console myself with "Thailand's got Talent contest" which was not as bad as I first feared. It was even rather entertaining when the crowd went made for Vivian "the lady boy". Oh yes! all what Thailand has to offer was there. He did not win instead "single lady and single man" with their dance act, took away a long list of prizes.

The event was slightly marred by a bout of pickpocketing.

After a more subtle and elegant show of Thai dancing and a demonstration of Thai boxing, the afternoon drew to a close, there was time to do some grocery shopping, Thai curry paste that sort of thing.
I missed out on my free press-massage, silly me. If you would like to see the photo album here it is.

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