5 a Day Starring the Sweet Potato

I thought that my diet was relatively healthy, I thought it included 5 fruits and veg a day.

Confident, I started counting. day in, day out, I was missing ONE. I can see you smiling but have you counting yours? and what does 5 a day mean.............?

Pay attention here are some guidelines:
1/2 a very large fruit such as mango, melon but avocado too
A whole medium size fruit : apple, peach
A couple of little specimen figs, plums
A handful of smaller ones blueberries etc
A small bowl of mixed salad/ soup
A wine glass.........of fruit or vegetable soup
A handful of veg including beans, lentils, chickpeas and .....sweet potato
As far as I can see my only option is to add fruits to my breakfast or make sure there are 2 veg at dinner time, hence I am looking for easy veg recipes & came across this one in the free Asda magazine.
Cook and mash sweet potatoes, add a 2tsp of honey, a little milk or a spoon of cream, I put it to the taste, delicious.

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