Amazing Apples

he and I went to an apple festival at the week end. There are hundreds at this time of the year, being there, I realised that supermarkets are really not helping .
The number of variety is mind boggling, fresh, sharp, sweet, it is all there, so could someone tell me why I can get one type only of cooking apple at my local supermarket and 3 or 4 types of eating apples among which, the right disgusting golden delicious.
Back home with my little bag of all sorts, I contemplated what I will do, and today I turned my bramleys into Apple and ginger Jam.
yummy, so here is the recipe straight from my old favourite: Marguerite Pattern's basic basics
450g/1b cooking apples, weight when peeled and cored (but retain peel and cores)
450g/1 lb sugar
4 tablespoons dices preserved ginger
1tablespoon water

Cut the apples into 1.5cm dice, put into the preserving pan with the sugar, ginger and water. Tie the peel and cores in a price of muslin and add to the pan. Allow to stand for several hours. During this time some juice will flow from the apples. Simmer the fruit over a low heat, stirring regularly until all the sugar has dissolved; raise the heat and boil steadily, rather than rapidly, until setting point is reached. Remove the bag of peel and cores. Spoon into the hot jars and seal down.

I used 1 and half teaspoon of ground ginger instead of diced preserved ginger.

The result is rather sweet but hey, it is a jam. Any how it is delicious.

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