Does a Potato Count as One of Your 5 a Day?

The answer is no. Potato is carb., on the other end Sweet potato is a vegetable and counts in "5 a day".
Sometimes I get asked food questions, I am always happy to do the research for you, so don't hesitate to use pebblesoup's email address which you will find on the left hand-side.
Now pay attention here are some guidelines for your 5 a day
1/2 a very large fruit such as mango, melon but avocado too
A whole medium size fruit : apple, peach
A couple of little specimen: figs, plums
A handful of smaller ones blueberries etc
A small bowl of mixed salad/ soup
A wine glass.........of fruit juice
A handful of veg including beans, lentils, chickpeas and .....sweet potato
the picture is a repro of Van Gogh's potato eaters

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