Interflora Christmas Hamper Has Arrived.......

Interflora! hampers! nooo, everybody knows that Interflora's job is to deliver flowers.... wrong. Well, right, they do but the companie has diversified, they also "do" champagne & balloons, personalised gifts and hampers for special occasions and when it comes down to hampers, there is no "specialer" occasion than Xmas.

Let me tell you something else: I love my job. Sometime ago, I wrote a recipe for Interflora, in return, I was highly delighted when I received one of their Christmas hamper. What a treat. If you were looking for brilliant present to distant (in geographic terms) friends, have a look their hampers Christmas collection.

First of all, you get the thrill of the delivery. My hamper arrived in a black box, classy. Then, on opening, you get the excitment of "this is all mine and this is very nice", tightly snug in the black box was a wicker basket. Followed by "wow".... look at all these Christmas treats! Being really well presented, this hamper has 3 levels, 3 times the pleasure of discovery.

Would you like to know what was in my hamper then here is a quick peep

but for the real professional run down of all the goodies have a look at the video

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