Taleggio Recipe

I can't believe it, the result of a recent survey has revealed that mothers rotate 9 recipes to feed their families. 9! what does that mean?
At first I thought that is never enough for 365 days then I projected myself back to my childhood. I can't recall my mum having more than ....5 recipes to her repertoire and she was not working outside, she worked hard looking after me, she is not lazy, she is very dynamic. So what does it mean?
Without analysing the stuff too carefully it seems to me that people are not confident using new ingredients. They may have 9 only because they are confident cooking them, these 9 are quick, easy and well rehearsed and they will never hear "I am not eating that". But what about trying out all these ingredients which are out there? what about the pleasure of discovery?
Let's take Taleggio, never contemplated cooking with it before last month and then as I was hoping in the cheese alley, there it was, I grab a paquet. It is good in salads but I opted for the potato and onion gratin. Dead fast.
Take one large onion, one garlic clove, peel, chop, fry in a little olive oil, salt and pepper
Preheat oven to a high 205 in the meantime peel 3 large baking potatoes (about 800g), cut into thin slices.
slice 250 g of taleggio
In a baking dish, layer potato, onion, taleggio in what ever order and fashion. Finish with taleggio
Cook for 30 minutes at 200.
link to the nine recipes story

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