In Season: Citrus Potato cakes

I got a new "kitchen doodah", I have wanted one for ages. I neeeeeded one for ages, but now I have got it, I am not sure it is thaaaat necessary.

Presumably this is what happens to doodahs, just before getting buried in the bottom kitchen draw.

However, in an effort to use this brand-new zester at least once, a bit of time was spent looking for an appropriate recipe but that was not be difficult as we are right in the midst of citrus season.

Abel & Cole have a Citrus Potato cakes recipe which tickles the taste-buds, honestly this zingy cakes do. They are extremely quick to make, not much more difficult than baking potatoes, goes really well with fish, so exhume your zester and give this recipe a go.

Abel and Cole Citrus Potato Cakes

4 baking potatoes
a little bit of olive oil
zest of 1/2 Orange
zest of 1/2 lime
a food grating of nutmeg
sea salt
2 tsp orange juice
1 egg yolk
flour for dusting
butter for frying

Rub the potatoes with olive oil and prick them all over alternatively boil them for 20 minutes or till cooked.
Cook them in the over for about an hour gas mark 190C/mark 5
when the potatoes are done, slice them in half and scoop the flesh out
into a bow, add the orange and lime zest, the potatoes the nutmeg mash the lot
then add the orange juice the egg yolk and a little salt
Mash some more
make 4 rough portions,
shape each portion into a patty/cake
lightly flour the tops of the cakes
fry in butter for 3-5 minutes, each side

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