Grow Your Own

Last week-end the weather was horrid, shame as We were going to visit the Garden museum where there was an exibition devoted to growing your own. Which is my new pinch of madness. In the "Greenwich size garden", I am growing garlic and potatoes. Yes, I have got a plan but if you had brilliant recipes involving either, or, I am all eyes.

With garlic, it started while visiting the Isle of Wight, in January. There is a brilliant garlic farm, obviously they grow and sell garlic and an enormous array of garlic products, every one more delicious than the next.

However what got me most was that the owners, beside being very knowledgable were incredibly good communicators. I was impressed by their video which goes through the growing process without boring you to death. Above all, they appeared to really enjoy what they were doing, they seem to be having a ball and I found the attitude incredibly refreshing.

Back the "Greenwich size garden" I planted 6 cloves, very likely in the wrong setting since I could not remember what the video said and I moved onto the potatoes, that was slightly more involved. Bought the potatoes, the bag, the special feed, put the potatoes into a egg carton so they grow "eyes" and now I am being stalled as I am too early for planting. I can tell you now, I have not missed my vocation, farming and gardening are not my thing but it is fun to try.

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