Photos From the Weekend-1 -

We went to Prague at the week-end, he booked in at a conference and I joined for the fun and meals, oh yes, I would not miss out on fun nor food anywhere in the world. In between lavish buffets showing Czech food at its best, we had a couple of meals in restaurants. In order to get the best places, I turned to the delightful Sari of Cooking Your Dream and asked for a couple of addresses.

Prague, Art Deco,  MuseumBut first of all, let do a bit of sightseeing. Prague is a real bonbon box, every nooks and cranny cuter that the next. Off I went to the Museum of Decorative Arts where at an inflated ticket price in line with the rest of Prague's prices, one can admire a collection of really beautiful objects such as these 18-century dishes.
If you ever find yourselves in Prague make sure to get a museum pass, it might seem like a lot to fork out upfront but it is worth it.

Then off to the streets funfair where people living in Prague are outnumbered by visitors to the tune of 3 to 1, and where shops offer bohemian glass fashioned into all sorts of objects.

Prague, Art Deco,  Museum

and for the food, you wonder, well that is what Photos from the weekend 2 will be all about.....

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