Black Moth : a Vodka With a Je Ne Sais Quoi

The voice that helps me write is stuck in a groove, it keeps repeating as a sing song "I love vodka." But one can't decently start a post with "I love vodka".

The little voice is puzzled "why look further for an opening, you love vodka, it is your drink of choice so why not say so?."
Hmmm indeed, and that would possibly explain the speed I used to send my RSVP when invited to be one of the first to try out a new vodka.
So last Wednesday I attended the elegant launch of Black Moth Truffle Vodka which took place in one of the largest and most remarkable house in London - 33 Portland Place.
Thinking back, I am at stretch to find a beverage more stylish than this fine vodka infused with PĂ©rigord black truffles . The decor for the event was simply amazing, black and silver to match the sleek black vodka bottle and the attention to details was impeccable. Picture this, the first thing on sight was a cocktail bar. It did not take much persuasion for me to try their signature serves, blends of fresh summer fruits, champagne and the star of the show this new truffle vodka.

Drink in hand, the next thing I did was to dig the truffle story a little. Starting point: Dr Paul Thomas, one of the two entrepreneur behind the venture. It was whilst studying for a PhD in plant science that Paul Thomas was introduced to the celebrated truffle, one thing lead to another, he now owns 25 truffle farms most in the UK.

Did you know that 80% of the world's truffle supply comes from plantations.

Next it was time for dinner, but before I get there let me tell you about the vodka itself, produced from grain and made with all natural ingredients the flavour is definitely unique, it is really soft and the delicate truffle taste surprisingly stays with on your taste buds long after the drink has been consumed.
And it can be used in the kitchen too as demonstrated on the evening of the launch with
  • Black moth Lobster Cornish Crab Salad
    Welsh Salt-Marsh Best End of Lamb
  • Black Moth Truffle and Vanilla Panna Cotta, Wild Blackberries and Truffle Sorbet
It was all so delicious that at times it left us speechless which was achievement considering the innate "bubbliness" of the convives.
English Summer Cobbler
A blend of fresh summer fruits, Black Moth truffle vodka and Tio Pepe dry sherry shaken with a squeeze of orange, served over cracked ice

Glass:Large tumbler
40ml Black Moth vodka, 20ml Tio Pepe dry sherry, juice from 2 x orange wedges and 10ml sugar syrup
Lots of summer fruits
Method:Shake all of the ingredients together in the cocktail shaker, serve over cracked ice and garnish with summer fruits


Phil said...

Hi Solange the black moth vodka sounds wonderful as does the sumptious dinner you had afterwards .

solange said...

Hi Phil,

Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a comment.

See back on Pebble Soup soon



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