Mango Sorbet: the economics of ice-cream making

It is hot, I am extremely saddened, so it is certainly time for summer comfort-food and what is best than ice-creams and sorbets. However shopping for ice-creams can leave "one" even more distressed than when "one" started. So much choice, so much temptation that choosing becomes a complex exercise so I decided to go back to basics, I am going to make mine own frozen dessert and to that effect I borrowed my mum's ice-cream maker and gave it a go.

The ice-cream maker in question dates from my childhood, definitely predating any health and safety regulations. It is brand new (so to speak) as it has been used only a couple of times. It needs to be plugged in, while in the freezer which in practice means that the leads wiggles out of the door and makes it merry way to the wall can imagine that this is not to the liking of everybody in the household.

Moreover, the results were not best, my first attempt: plain vanilla ice-cream came out slightly crystally. For my second attempt, mango sorbet, I used the ice-cream maker mostly to whisk the mixture outside the freezer that was better but after a few days there was a layer of ice on the top which needed to be removed before consumption.

In the meantime, he found the best tip ever: to avoid the crystal effect add a little bit of vodka to the mixture.

Though I am not very good at doing maths, cost-wise: here is a gadget which has survived decades and has been used a maximum of 10 times, in my books that makes it one of the least cost-effective purchases and guess what.... I would bet that if you would use the recipe below the results would be just the same or even better.
Next attempt I'll ditch the ice-cream maker.

Mango Sorbet

  • 4 mangoes peeled and cubed
  • 2 lemon juices
  • 180g caster sugar
  • 180ml water
Dissolve the sugar and bring to boil for 5 minutes
Puree the mangoes and add the lemon juice to the puree
Mix the 2 together, let it cool, whisk
Pour into a container, freeze for 30 minutes and whisk
Repeat the operation twice


Sarah said...

Haha! I made my first ice cream this summer and it was surprisingly easy to do, even without an ice cream machine. Yours sounds like a hazard more than a help!

Solange said...

Dear Anon,

I am not sure what you mean by exchange links but I am ready to listen. Thanks for leaving your comment.



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