Eggs Royale

Egg Royal Holandaise sauce

Eggs royale, a breakfast dish which really makes One feels special. On the other hand One has to be presented with the dish in order to avoid angst at the idea of tackling a hollandaise sauce before breakfast. Admittedly it is is not very often that breakfast is cooked for One by a professional chef. On the other, other, hand, this dish would really work well as a light supper.
Egg Royal Holandaise sauce
So, to make somebody feel special without too much trouble. let's turn to Delia who famously told the nation how to boil an egg and not so famously how to
poach an egg.

Then we need to turn our attention to the hollandaise sauce.
Hollandaise sauce is a thick, yellow buttery sauce. It is an emulsion, which means that it is a combination of two liquids, in this case lemon juice and butter, that is held together and stabilised by a third agent, egg yolks, to form a rich and thick sauce.
It has a reputation to be tricky because of the whisking but that was before the food processor. I made it once and couldn't fathom why it had such a bad reputation

2 large egg yolks
1 dessertspoon lemon juice
1 dessertspoon white wine vinegar
4 oz (110 g) butter
salt and freshly milled black pepper

Place the eggs in a food processor with salt & pepper and blend for about 1 minute at low speed.
Heat the lemon juice and white wine vinegar in a small saucepan until the mixture starts to bubble and simmer for a minute.
Return to the food processor, switch on at low speed, and pour the liquid slowly
Melt the butter over a gentle heat, in the same sauce pan, being very careful not to let it brown. When the butter is foaming, do the same thing as prior, slow steady trickle in the food processor.
That's it.
I have not lost sight of the eggs royale
you will need

2 muffins
a couple of slices of smoked salmon
4 eggs
Start with slicing the muffins and warming them up, meanwhile poach your eggs and do the hollandaise.
Stack all the components starting with the half muffins, smoked salmon, eggs top with hollandaise
Same recipe applies for eggs Benedict, substitute the salmon with warm cooked ham


emma said...

I love this, it is just one of those dishes that spells out holiday to me - it implies taking time to eat and enjoy and then to have a relaxing morning by the beach.

Solange said...

Oh Emma, Eggs Royale by the beach that has got to be renamed Eggs Imperial. Bliss. Thanks for evoking the image for us, will try to hang on to it.

Unknown said...

I love this and i love all dishes made of eggs......Bcz i love egg....
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