Wye Bakery

Where would You really, really like to go on your birthday? You bound to have thought about it? This year a lot of cerebrations went into my birthday celebration.

Just one hour drive away south of Greenwich, the village of Wye is being rightly promoted as "good food" destination. There, on my birthday I stepped into one of my favorite shop : a real bakery.

Nestled in a tiny space on the site of the long gone original village bakery, Mary and Nigel have worked very hard to open with great success a small independent bakery.

As we walked it, customers were queuing in the long corridor which leads to a simple but effective presentation of complex loafs and gorgeous looking pastries. Here, no "chi-chi" nor plastic wrappers, good old straw baskets, clear labelling. It was eleven on Saturday morning and all the croissants had long flown out of the shop. Mary was busy at the back shaping square rolls for a local pub order. I never paid much attention to rolls, but I can tell you that trendy rolls are square.

I also learnt a lot about flour, these 2 dedicated bakers cross the channel regularly, on their flour round-trip to the north of France where millers are producing high quality flour. Flour is very likely the secret behind the French bakeries' success. When their English counterparts are being booted our of the high streets, French bakeries are not only found in the middle of town but also in commercial centers at supermarkets doorstep . Ironically some of the Wye bakery baguettes cross the channel, as it has been known that French expats living in the area shop before taking the ferry for the week-end.
As we left the shop, I was left hoping that real bread would soon rise in traditional bakeries such as this one in every English town and village.
Wye Bakery is located at
22 Church Street
TN25 5BJ
Tel: 01233 811577
Use the Real Bead finder to locate a traditional bakery near you

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