Trout with Figs


Surprise: noun from 15C French, surprendre.
1. a sudden or unexpected event, gift, etc.
2. the feeling or condition of being surprised; astonishment.

And in my book, a word which ranks high in the list of emotions. The unexpected materialised under the shape of new (to me) combination of flavours. The gift, a lovely meal researched and prepared just for me.

At first, the trout/figs combo is disturbing, slightly too sweet, far too alien. However after a couple of mouthfuls, you find yourself wanting more. I would advocate you try this recipe, as soon as you put your hands on dried figs. You never know, you might already have some lurking in the pantry. Ready in 35 minutes, it is perfect for week-day dinner. Original recipe, 260 calories per serving which is fabulous for a January meal.

He found the recipe here and adapted it, didn't go anywhere near untreated wood planks, whole trouts were fried in butter but if you wanted to make it leaner, steaming them in aluminium foil in the oven will do the trick.

I hope you enjoy this dish as much as I did

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