New Total 0% Greek Yoghurt Split Pots

Greece is the theme of the week or so it seems- Total Greek Yogurt has brought to the market a new range- Total 0% Greek Yogurt Split Pots- which they asked me to review.

So last Monday, an helmeted courier drove his large motorbike down our little street and handed me a freezer bag, all singing and dancing with  Zebra, Cow and Spoonbill, I mean the bag was not the biker.

In the bag, neatly piled I found the very compact split pots, (spot the qualitative here- it is important for diet food not to look puny, this looks compact) all the range was there Blueberry, Tropical Fruits, Strawberry and last but not least the classic Honey

I set myself down to task straight away with Blueberry split pot. Was it to be all yum no fat as the press release indicated?

It is definitely 0% fat - but up to 29.6g of Carbohydrate- 300g is the maximum intake per day if you exercise a lot 20g the minimum if you are on a loosing weight diet.

Back to Blueberry, I have never been sure about split pots, what do you do? what is the best option? do you
a) pour the delicious compote into the bigger pot?
b) eat a mouthful of each in turn?
c) drop a little of the big pot in the small pot, one go at the time?

I went for the traditional way and the blueberry refuse to move. It is very thick, apart from this, the experience was rather enjoyable, thick Greek yogurt - thought he said to prefer the 2%; on which I would tend to agree. All together the nice blueberry split pot makes a good snack.
Tropical Fruits split pot was my favorite, no problem with the sliding, it gliding down into the large pot, quite indulgent taste and I could mix it easily.
The disappointment came with the Honey, which is not up to scratch - the honey is rather mediocre however when it came to Strawberry, then yes, perfect consistency, not too sugary, plenty to go around the pot, I don't like strawberry yogurt but this was a joy, I was converted. I would recommend it at lunchtime or any time of the day. This one was all yum, no fat.

Thank you to Total to make my job an enjoyable experience.

for info here is the typical content:
Yogurt (80%) [pasteurised skimmed cows’ milk, live active yogurt culture], Blueberry fruit preparation (20%) [blueberries 8%, sugar, corn starch, natural flavours, lemon juice concentrate]

Retail recommended price £1.09 - or 0.79p as introductory offer until 1st April

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