Pampered Chef Cookie Press

Since I wrote this post, I've mastered the cookie Press, see my lavender cookies
Please also note that the Pampered Chef is not in business any-longer but similar cookie press can still be found

I don't know much about the "door-step economy" and I am always surprised to hear that people take time to attend home-cooking shows. So this was not the part of the spiel which demanded my attention when I got an email from the Pampered Chef telling me about their 60,000 consultants worldwide, the bit  I like was their catalogue. A quick web-search reassured me a little -almost 5 stars all around-
Now it was decision time, I had my eye on the cookie press but was I the right person to try this out.?.....Pampered Chef People thought so, a few days later I received a box with my new gadget.

First impression : this object is neat, clean lines, compact, all 9 assorted shapes fit neatly inside the press, the plunger and the screw seems solid, the information leaflet is brief, now I am impressed. I just need an idea; that took me 2 seconds, it was going to be savoury biscuits which will be enjoyed at aperitif time. He smiled, good idea.

I mixed a dough of parmesan, flour, chopped olives, butter, pulled up the metal plunger rod, stuffed the dough in the barrel, selected disc number 4 specifically designed for savoury applications such as cheese crisps by the way I can't wait to use every single shape.
Now, I  insert the disk in the bottom ring, and click it so it fitted easily onto the bottom of the barrel. I then turned the plunger rod so that it "engaged," inclined the press at 45 degrees, turned the screw once more and.......I was not fast enough, the dough is now going out like churros, I panicked, grabed the scissors, managed the cut myself instead of the dough.

Attempt number 2, having recovered some dignity, I start again, I am prepared, I go slow, I turn and... nothing comes out, oh oh, but help is at hand, he turns the screw, oh nooo churros syndrome again, in a fit of laughter, I chop as the dough comes out, crinkled may be not as it should be but crinkled.

Pampered chef cookie press makes cookies like so :

mine looked like this
However, I will give The Pampered Chef cookie press top mark, it works, in fact it is excellent, I am just very inexperienced when it comes to making cookies, it cleans beautifully, it is sturdy and I can tell you he and I pushed this gadget to its limits, it takes no space in the cupboard and it is fast, well obviously in that case a wee too fast. This is a brilliant gadget which I really enjoy using it and I will use it again before the week-end.

For info and price, click here

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