Black Beluga Lentils Fritters

Life went from busy to hectic but there is still time for exploring. My find of the week is Beluga lentils.  I was helped by Merchant Gourmet who sent me a goody bag filled with ingredients completly new to me. 

I am rather excited to share my finds with PebbleSoup readers.
There is no price for guessing what Beluga lentils look like. As their name suggests they are black and they glisten, turning to a kind of silky black, when cooked. The great thing about lentils -all kind of- is that no soaking is necessary, it is advised to rinse them and to pick the little stones if there are any but in the case of the ready to eat packet which I have been using, nothing is simpler. Opening the pouch is all what you have to do.

The other brilliant fact is the fat content only 1.2g per 100g at that ratio one usually gets bland/horrid food but that is certainly not the case for these lentils which are really very tasty. Though black lentils are less known they are in my opinion tastier then their green or red counterparts.

In my enthusiasm for sharing my recent find and its recipe I am linking this post with Anyone Can Cook hosted by Taste of Pearl City (recipe suited for beginners)

Black Beluga Lentil Fritters with Cherry Tomato Raita

◦100g Black Beluga Lentils
◦75g plain flour
◦1 egg
◦150ml milk
◦1 tsp freshly ground cumin seeds
◦1 tsp salt
◦2 fresh red chillies, deseeded & finely chopped
◦2 tbsp coriander, chopped
◦vegetable oil for frying
◦6 spring onions
◦5 cherry tomatoes
◦5 tbsp Greek yogurt
◦salt & pepper

1.Cook the lentils as directed on the pack until just tender but still al dente. Drain well.
2.Whisk together the flour, egg, milk, cumin and salt until smooth. Pour the batter into a bowl and stir in the lentils, one of the chopped chillies and the coriander and set aside.
3.Trim the spring onions and thinly slice, roughly chop the tomatoes and stir both into the yogurt, season with salt and pepper and add the remaining chopped chilli.

4.To cook the fritters heat three or four tbsps of the vegetable oil in a large heavy based frying pan. Take a large tablespoon and drop three or four spoonfuls of the lentil mixture into the pan. Cook over a medium heat for about 3-4 minutes until beginning to crisp and turn golden, then using a fish slice turn over to cook again the same way using more oil is needed.
5.Serve the Beluga lentils fritters with the spring onion, tomato and yogurt raita.
Pouch of 250g cost £1.79

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