Is this Cheese? Chantico from Wensleydale Dairy

I have a friend with superb taste. None of her plates are chipped, cutlery match and she always has the right glass or serving plate for every single occasion.

However, when it comes to the cheese course, she invariably produces these funny,  bakelite knifes from the 50's. Their handles look like tree trunks, brown and cream. It is quite hilarious to observe the dinners when they notice what I can only describe as objects straight out of the temple of bad taste where they keep Elvis Presley's possessions.

Most of the guests recoil in horror, some start to squint but turn the knife this way & that way to find if there is a better angle. In private, my friend will give one of little smile, shrug her slender shoulders and say "yeh, right, I don't care, I like them."

I feel entirely in tune with her when it comes to flavoured cheeses. People will tell me, there'nt sophisticated, these are not cheese, the manufacturer puts all sorts of stuff to sell their unwanted paste. "yeh, right......."

Chantico claims to be "the cheese that all other fear" it contains sweet chilli peppers, dried Jalapeno, herbs in a coloured cheddar cheese and I like it. I am not going to describe the taste because after one bite it is difficult to give an opinion as the chilli starts to kick in and the mild cheddar melts all over your palate.

If you would like to read more about it, have a look at Wensleydale website you might want to turn it this way and that to see if there is a better angle.

Chantico will be available in leading supermarkets and delicatessens from March. It will be available in two sizes a 180g wedge and a 1.1kg half moon with a recommended retail price of £7.15 per kilo.

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