First thing this morning I had a bit of a shock. As I walked past the bathroom mirror, I nearly moon-walked as it was rather early I just walked backwards, planted myself in front of my reflection, rubbed my eyes, closed them, opened them again, there was no doubt it was me but it didn't look like me.
My hair is red.

It reminded me that I needed to tell you about Orzo. Orzo has the appearance of a  large grain of rice, it has the same colour as rice but it is 100% wheat. You've got it. It is not rice, it is pasta.

So how does it taste like, well the answer is "great", by the way, if you were wondering it is the same answer to "how do I look like with my new mope?" It is best served with a tomato sauce, I am back on the topic of Orzo, just in case you were still thinking about my coif. And it takes only 6 minutes to cook. So an all-round winner

Here is my best take on it
                                        Orzo in Tomato Sauce
serves 2
2 onions
Passata,or a tin of chopped tomato 
salt and pepper
little oil
150grs Merchant Gourmet Orzo
400ml boiling water
1 vegetable stock cube

Prepare stock with a cube + 400ml boiling water
In a saucepan: peel, chop, gently fry 2 onions when transparent add Passata,or a tin of chopped tomato salt and pepper and leave it to simmer for 15 minutes
in the meantime,
In a skillet, heat a little oil when very hot add 150grs of Orzo, stir for a minute, add half the stock, leave it to simmer when all the stock is absorbed add the remaining liquid and cook, stirring time to time until there is no more liquid, taste to make sure it is cooked, pour the sauce on the top

et voila, alternatively you could surprise everybody.......by dying your hair blue.

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