South African Banquet -part one-

I was working away when my mail box chirped -  South African Tourism was wondering if I could attend a banquet tonight. "You bet I could". It took me 5 minutes to slip into my evening gown, grab my knife and fork and dash to B-Bar on Buckingham Palace Road, just on time to remember that I knew nothing about South African food.

So let me introduce you to some wonderful new (to me) flavours

 Bobotie Spring Rolls Pronounced ba-boor-tea, the national dish of South Africa is a delicious mixture of curried meat and fruit usually served with rice, here made into spring rolls

Springbok fillet with spices and crushed pepper - meat of a small gazelle which taste a little like venison but is much milder, sadly only to be found in the UK in  South African restaurants
Malva Pudding -traditional South African pudding serve warm with an indulgent butter and cream sauce drizzled on the top and the cherry on the cake is vanilla ice-cream with dried apricots also found in the pud

A Springbok crème the menthe and Amarula Cream
We had the pleasure to sample a Walker Bay Sauvignon Blanc, a beautifully made wine with many of the qualities of good Sancerre and I fell in love with the red a Hannibal Bouchard Finlayson 2006 with Black cherry aromas, cranberry & forest fruit palate.

I clutched my goody bag all the way home, in it there was the excellent Mrs balls' chutney which I will tell you more about in my next post when you get a chance to win a bottle.

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