Domino's Spanish Sizzler Pizza

How often do you get to try out something completely new? What are the chances of this happening twice in a week? Last week I was invented to discover South African cuisine, by the way have you left your comment on Give-away #5.
The next thing I knew Domino, the world's leading pizza delivery, was asking Pebble Soup to order their brand new Spanish Sizzler pizza online 

Yeeeeeh, fame....... or may be not..... just yet. I soon read that Domino's Pizza was concentrating on their on-line operation James Millett, multimedia manager at Domino’s Pizza, said: “We’ve achieved fantastic growth in ecommerce in the past year, up 63% in 2010, and this new campaign utilises the latest opportunities in the digital arena and continues our focus on online innovation."
Never the less, as far as I am concerned I love Pebble Soup new found notoriety which leads to add variety to the posts and I am able to share a lot of fun experiences with you.

So how does it work?
You pick up his laptop, in your case you might have to use your own, go to Domino's web site, the landing page might be an offer, keep your eyes peeled, type your post code. It could not be simpler, the next thing you know the menu pops up, you order your selection, pizzas can be customised, check out: card, cash, pay-pal and 20 minutes later the order is at the door.

So far the experience was really good fun and the idea of not having any cooking to do extremely attractive

One click for  for 5 breaded mozzarella sticks with garlic and herbs coating which was accompanied by a herb dip little pot- at £3.99

The kind of thing I never go for- and there is a good reason for that... I hardly never use take-aways but I could get persuaded so far it was not very tasteful but fun.

Another click and a warm garlic bread at £3.49. This was gulped in no time with another click for the main course the brand new Spanish Sizzler with its small pieces of chorizo, cubes of roast chicken, green and roquito pepper, the latter gives the pizza its little kick. 4 sizes from individual at £5.99 to large at £16.49

The verdict: as you know I am not a fan of pizzas but for an "industrial" pizza this was really quite good, I know the pizzas are tested and re-tested before being offered on the market but that should not be hold against the company. They have done a good job here
  • There is lots of meat
  • The chorizo is not overpowering as it often is when the pizza is home made
  • Nice thin crust
  • The colours are just as pleasing to look at, as the slices are to eat.
  • The addition of roquito chili is just right, so  the pizza is not too hot
It does not re-heat well so make sure you order the right amount

And last for desert before he and I slumped in an armchair with a smile reflecting our dumpy state -3 cheese cakes at £3.99- I like the lemon one and happily ate the strawberry riple and the chocolate.

One thing to do is to thank Domino for sponsoring my first ever meal ordered on line.


Unknown said...

I don't order them very often as I think they're expensive but I do like their pizzas. Especially cold the next day - which kind of gives you an idea of how classy I am!!!

Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup said...

Cracky, I should have thought of that because it surely didn't re-heat well.
thanks for dropping by



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