Chard on P-Day

Chard is gathering some followers and I thought I would report on its progress though you may have to wait a little for the photos as I am chained to my desk.
Chard lives on bed 1 in St Alfrege Park, where I volunteered to work on a communal allotment - part of Boris' (Mayor Boris) incentive for people to grow their own -Capital Growth-  funny enough I was put in charge of the gardening on the account of turning up.

Last week, using Freecycle - a recycling e-venture-  I was offered some celery plants and peas- On Wednesday, under the pouring rain and the amiable gaze of Chard which seems to be doing rather well- we had a "P-Day". I erected a tipi structure and planted some peas. Sadly the celery plants have turned very yellow and I am yet to find out why.
Most extraordinary the park is hosting the Greenwich and Dockland festival and Chard will be in the front row to watch a Beckett play.

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