Making Your Own Sausages

Last week-end we made sausages. Oh yes, there is no stopping the spirit of adventure is this house. When at the Hampton court foodie festival, he spotted a kit for sausages making. It's only after buying it that we realised a machine was needed to feed the meat into the casing.

For £7.99 the kit contained a mixture of spices/herbs and breadcrumbs, a plastic funnel "thingy", a serious long length of casing, probably collagen but not sure as the content description was scarce. The idea is to get fresh meat and here my trouble started, for some unknown reason I got 2/3 pork 1/3 beef which does not seem to be common place in sausages, mixed beef and pork sausages are somewhat a bit of an aberration.

In a bowl you mix the aromatic mixture with the meat and a little cold water once that is done you put the meat in the machine, if that is missing then you start feeding the plastic funnel, engage the casing in the end of the funnel and squeeze, squeeze as hard as you can.

Yes, the casing did split in occasion and it was really messy. On the enjoyment level we were divided 50/50 but ended up with 20 sausages which taste OK and cost £0.75p per.

The kit comes in several "flavours" Linconshire is the one we used, no I would not recommend it but there are far worse things to do and at times it was a giggle.

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