Chard Alert

You will never believe this in a million years- Yesterday, I left Chard  in companie of newly planted giant pumpkins. I was pretty certain that Chard will be able to hold its own grounds even if the pumpkins are really giant.

Today, at lunch time, I thought that I should check anyway. Lo and behold, somebody had attempted to steal Chard. Steal to steam, I bet.

When I got to the park Chard looked like so. All unearthed with some of its branches broken and its roots up in the air.

I am being told that it may be the wicked doings of an animal........or may be, just may be the giant pumpkins but look at them, they look so sweet, butter will melt on their skin.

After a little bit of restoration, a few bucket of earth (and by the way, nothing like an old cementery to get good earth) I left chard looking much happier

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