Tea Tasting with Tetley

It has been a fortnight full of events, one of which was rather unusual: a tea-tasting session. Tetley launched a new tea a redbush tea. Having read a few of McCall-Smith's "The Number 1 Ladies Detective agency" I was familiar with Redbush tea. This is the beverage one needs gallons of to solve a silly case.

But let's travel from Botzana to South-Africa where Red Bush tea is also drunk possibly by gallons. Rooibos (redbush) is a type of grass, atraditional ingredient used in South Africa for centuries since the indigenous perspective would centre around fruits, nuts, leaves and wild games. 
Press pack tells us that "rooibos is used in South Africa as it is believed to help alleviate allergies, asthma and dermatological problems including eczema and acne." also that it is a super-food "A natural source of antioxidants which may help to fight free radicals and maintain a healthy lifestyle, redbush is said to contain low levels of minerals including zinc which can help to promote a glowing complexion."

On arrival, I was shown to the Sanctum's top-floor open terrace,  greeted by a professional Tea-Taster. Tea-tasting is a little like wine-tasting, using cups with a lead. After brewing the concoction which in our case is a couple of Tetley tea bags, Mr T-T  poured the liquid carefully in lovely lidded little cups

Tipped the lot in white round cup and after 3 minutes for a light brew, 6 minutes for a stronger one

we were able to sip spoonfuls of the clear tea, make a strange noises as we absorbed oxygen and tea at the same time

If you want a alternative to ordinary tea or coffee, this is a good one. OK it is lacking the caffeine but that's the point. It is fresh on the palate and if you drink it  regularly enough of it, you get the benefits of additional calcium, manganese and fluoride being low in tanine it will not disolour teeths. One can also cook with it - canapes and delicious other dishes all cooked one way or another with the addition or rooibos tea were on offer -here is a graphic strip-

It is also used in beauty products - Sorry no photos here as I enjoyed a relaxing neck and shoulders massage.

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