Do Not Try This at Home

Durian ice-cream

Durian Ice Cream, a Tim Anderson's creation. Tim Anderson was Masterchef winner 2011 - The youngest to be awarded the title and the guy that loads of us wished on to win for his maverick way of combining and looking at food.

He won. And went on to cook and display more weird and wonderful dish such as this cold extravaganza. For Malaysia Night, hosted in Trafalgar square and organised by Malaysia Kitchen to showcase the cuisine and culture of Malaysia, Tim combined cream, honey, durian fruit to create this incredible Durian Ice Cream.

Tim Anderson

Durian is a fruit found in South East Asia mostly Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. It is used in sweet and savoury dishes. Known as the King of Fruits, its particularity is its smells. It can't be put any-other way: this fruit stinks. In some places, it is banned from public transport, one needs gloves or a tea-towel to extract the seeds before boiling, frying or roasting them. Tim went the cool way with his delicious Durian Ice-Cream.


Karen S Booth said...

I remember those when I lived in the Far East, they stink! INTERESTING post! When are you back home?

Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup said...

Sadly, I am home- I wish I was where durians grow but in this case durian took the plane to Charlton (around the corner from me) not the other way round - thank so much for taking the time to comment.



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