Book Review: Skinny Meals in Heels by Jennifer Joyce

Second week in January and New Year's resolutions are showing signs of flagging. As every little helps, this is Pebble Soup's contribution to make healthy eating less of an effort or rather it's Jennifer Joyce's with her Skinny Meals in Heels.

Jennifer Joyce is a London-based food writer originally from the US and from Italian descent. Her first book Diva Cooking was a big success, now re-printed it was unobtainable for a long time. Jennifer's recipes can be long as you follow them. This book is the second in a series.

The glamorous line illustrations are the series trademark, either you like them or hate them, personally I am not a great fan. Call me old fashion but I like to see pictures of finished dishes in a cookbook. Each recipe contains a "skinny" box which explains why and how the fat content is down and a "prep ahead" section which is useful.

The book is divided in 8 chapters, starting with the philosophy behind it: "NOT a diet book....instead a collection of quick mouth watering recipes that 'happen' to be low in fat." Then comes the turn of  "skinny tips", such as "Coffee and wine both suppress your appetite", yes you guess what Jennifer's advises while you are trying out one of her tasty recipes.

This book has sections for most of our simple culinary requirements with chapters ranging from "Weekday dinners in under one hour" to  "Week-end cooking." I picked a recipe title at random, which is slighly unfair, to give you of the flavour of the book "Turkish Chicken Escalopes with Yogurt Marinade." Most recipes are stress-free, pantry friendly but a few raise the game up a little not sure that Pomegranate Glaze will be on every table soon. It also contains a section on soups, another on pizza-dough.
In a nutshell:
Chiefly, Skinny Meals in Heels made me think about how to prepare food, in order to make sure that dishes are both low-fat and tasty. If you are looking for inspiration to honour your new healthy eating habits, this book will help no-end.

Skinny Meals in Heels was published on th 5th January 2012 by Murdoch Books. RRP £8.79
With thanks to the publisher for the review copy.


Phil said...

Hi, Iliked the sound of "Skinny meals in Heels" Have you tried many of the recipes? Phil.

Pebble Soup said...

Hi Phil, yes I have Crispy mustard and tarragon chicken a "cheat's version of fried chicken" which tastes lovely + mustard is 0 calories. Pea & Watercress soup is just divine.
Thanks for leaving a comment.



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