Hotel Chocolat Valentine's Day Love Notes

Is it really true that, "Valentine's day is lovely and everybody should have one?" I wonder, I am rather torn, I am not a fan of behaving like everyone else so mass celebrations are not really my cup of tea. On the other end, love is my driving force, I have learnt to recognise its beauty and fragility. Its very own existence is something to celebrate.

And celebrations warrant a token but you don't want to feel that you are being exploited buying overpriced roses and what is the point of booking a table for two when everybody else will have book one too. Expensive gadgets, are for mysterious reasons not associated with romance but chocolates are.

In the current buoyant chocolates market, Hotel Chocolat is doing very well. I was asked to pick any product I liked in their Valentine range to review. After much consideration and deliberation. Love Notes came up trump.

Aptly named Love Notes as hidden under each heart shaped chocolates there is a quote from Virgil to Eva Gabor. I could not help it every time somebody picked a chocolates, I wanted to know what the box said for me that was the best part + the strawberry, black pepper combo which is nice. Of course there was a romantic hidden message for this very blog, provided by the bard himself, "They do not love that do not show their love."

Description and acknowledgment
Love Notes box contains a blank card and envelop, 12  chocolate hearts and romantic hidden messages – selection  included smooth truffles with mellow vanilla and raspberry, comforting chocolate brownie and velvety praline, strawberry & black pepper and super soft caramels with mouth-warming chilli. RRP: £14

I received a free box to review, opinions contained in this post are my own.

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