Know your Olive Oils: Part 1

 I never thought I would be invited to the Fortnum and Mason Crypt. On reading the invitation, my initial reaction was
 "What does one wears to a crypt? Should I get my Punk/Goth platform shoes out of their confinement?"
Then I read that the crypt's usage had change with times, it is now their cellar where bottles of wine are stored. Did that mean that I should wear my tastevin on a large silver chain around my neck? what a look that was going to be.
The  rest of the invitation, indicated the time and the purpose: "To help Fortnum and Mason's buyers to select the 2012 range of Olive oil"
-"Just wait a minute here, rewind, there must be a mistake, I have tested various kind of things but olive oil! never before."

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