Chokablok: New Choc on the Block

Chokablok, three weeks ago, I had never heard the name. That was before the brand invited a selected few journalists and bloggers to a "Make your Own Chocolates Masterclass".  The event took place in a converted violin factory.


The conversion was filmed for Kevin McCloud's Grand Design. Personally, I am not moved by this type of home which I find soulless, however, I was duly impressed by the £34 000 gas cooker and the fact that two tonnes of cocoa beans where being tempered releasing a delightful aroma.

After the initial Chokablok range presentation, we were invited to create our own chocolates and bars, mine was to be a pistachio white chocolate filling in milk chocolate cases and orange flavoured and golden balls bar called "Orange Revolution".

The trick with working with chocolate is to be really fast. Good chocolate sets extremely quickly, so planning is essential. The chocolate industry has nothing to fear, I am not going to open my chocolate factory soon. Though I had lots of fun, I'll stick to my writing job.

If you are looking for an Easter chocolate egg for kids Chokablok Billionaires Dynamite Egg priced at £5 retailed by Tesco has been voted best buy by several magazines.

My thanks to Chokablok for a fun afternoon

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