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Having been welcomed in  Fish is the Dish's cooking pot, my task is to taste and talk.
 Last Thursday, I took reception of two fish products from the Saucy Fish Co: Sea-Bass with Beurre Blanc and Dill Sauce and Cod with Piri-Piri sauce
I mostly cook from scratch, for pleasure and for economical reasons, this is my modus operandi and therefore when shopping I only glance over packaged food. 

However lately, I have noticed a resurgence of vacuum packed fish with added options such as rice, vegetables or sauces. The Saucy Fish Co is offering an interesting concept, it is a kind of half way house between scratch and frozen fish.

Fresh, filleted fish, vacuum packed so it keeps longer than the fish from the stalls with the added advantage that it doesn't smell at all. The fish is good quality and responsibly sourced, good news and at present one of the most important thing if you choose to eat fish and especially cod.

The sauce can be found in a separate pouch. You don't have to use it but if you do, it is very simple, drop the pouch in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes and drizzle it over the fish at serving time.

Starting with the sauce: It is not the best sauce, I have ever tasted but it's adequate, though it lacks spices for my taste.
The fish is good quality. The fillets are really fresh, tasty and boned to restaurant standard. The skin is left on and descaled.
The price: each 270g pack in the range is priced at £4.00 (£14.80/kg). A kilo of cod to start from scratch costs on average £12.00. Though cheaper, there is a big "but". You would have to buy all the ingredients for the sauce.

 Conclusion: The Saucy Fish Co ticks a lot of the boxes, Next time, I am in a hurry, I will have no hesitation to buy a fish from the range.
The cod was pan-seared to keep the robust taste of the fish, I was careful not to overcook it. It was served on a bed of onion cooked in single cream.

The Saucy Fish Co is exclusively sold at Tesco's.

Thank you to Fish is the Dish to include me in the fish fanatic group and to the saucy fish sauce co to send their product for trial.

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