Fish is the Dish: Sea-Bass on a Bed of Asparagus

Go on, ask me: "What is your favorite food?", I am going to beam back and say: "fish." So, in time it was only part of the course to apply to be a Fish fanatic and give a helping hand to fish is the Dish. A scheme devised to encourage people to eat more fish.

Fish is quick, easy and delicious but we tend to always reach out for the same variety, you know the one I mean, so it is a delight to be able to explore and share other possibilites. Let's take a look at sea bass.

Fish facts:

Sea Bass is a white/pink fleshed fish with skin which goes very crunchy when fried. It has a very delicate flavour. It is lovely whole but fillets are much more practical. The fillets are thinner than expected for a substanstial looking fish. Taste wise, it is a "melt in the mouth" fish. Downside, it is a little expensive


Cooking time is virtually 5 minutes. Pan-fry it in butter, skin down, don't flip it, to make sure it is cooked, you do the "Master-Chef" trick whereby you press on the fillet with a finger to check the top is hot and moist, you should be able to feel the indidvual flakes of the fish.

I was sent fillets by The Saucy Fish co, they arrived vaccumed packed by 2, de-scaled, with a beurre blanc and dill sauce which needs to be warmed up in its plastic pourch and poured over the fillets at serving time.

Serving ideas:  on a bed of asparagus, with roasted potatoes.

Thank you to Fish is the Dish to include me in the fish fanatic group and to the saucy fish sauce co to send their product for trial

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