Double Chocolate and Lime Cheese Cake & The Rainbow Recipe Cookbook

About a month ago, I was selected along with six other bloggers to write a recipe for Appliances on Line Rainbow Recipe Book, I picked the colour yellow, as in Mango and Jack Knight illustrated it.

A couple of days ago, Pebble Soup HQ reinstated "The Mystery Ingredient Night". This is when, one of us dives in kitchen nooks and crannies to resurrect an ingredient which had been languishing there for ever and sets the other to task. Mine was an ancient packet of three wholemeal digestive biscuits picked up in a hotel somewhere. I knew straight away what to do.

I took a hammer to the cellophane packet without opening it. Now I had a cheese cake base, I only had to find a recipe for it. This is when the story goes full circle. In the Rainbow Recipe Book, there was exactly what I wanted.

As we know, I am not the greatest baker in the world but I try, so I possibly massacred the recipe, but it tested delicious and He was there to take the pictures of the fab Double Chocolate and Lime Cheese Cake.

The recipe for Mango Lassi can be found here


helen said...

It looks lovely....cheesecake is so easy to make & yet tastes so good! Have you tried the chocolate philadelphia? perfect for quick cheesecakes.
I think my daughter would love your Mango Lassi....and the illustration is great!
Thanks for the link too.

Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup said...

Thanks for your comment and for the recipe.
Come back soon



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